Mission Framework

Mission Framework: Foundational Principles, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Mission Commitments (adopted by Presbytery October 2017)

1.1 Foundational Principles (Core Values)

As Presbyterian people of God, united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we believe that:

1.2 Vision Statement (what we are called to be)

On the threshold of a new day, the Presbytery of plains and Peaks is called to be compassionate, supportive, respectful, and inclusive family of congregations that is:

1.3 Mission Statement (what we are called to do)

God calls us to work in our communities for new generations by participating in the work of the Holy Spirit as we commit to:

1.3.1 Mission Commitments (how we respond)

To realize our mission priorities as a family of congregation, God requires that we: