Mission Framework

Mission Framework: Foundational Principles, Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Mission Commitments (adopted by Presbytery October 2017)

1.1 Foundational Principles (Core Values)

As Presbyterian people of God, united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we believe that:

  • Our Presbytery is a family of people whom God has chosen and given to one another so that by God's grace we can enjoy and share the good news in joy.

  • As sisters and brothers in Christ, saved by grace alone, we are called to work in a spirit of love, gratitude, and encouragement.

  • The Holy Spirit leads our Presbytery.

  • Our Presbytery's primary role is to advance the vision and mission of congregations.

  • The congregations of the Presbytery and the Presbytery depend upon one another in advancing the vision and mission of our Denomination.

  • Listening for the Word of God is the most important discipline in every gathering of Christians.

  • Public worship of God is a primary means by which we demonstrate the Rule of God at meetings of the Presbytery as well as in every congregation.

  • Trusting in God, we are called to take risks and to think and act creatively, flexibly, nimbly, and collectively as we fulfill Christ's direction.

  • Our Presbytery's Vision and Mission is informed by Scripture, inspired by prayer, and is an expression of our worship, by which we glorify God and bear witness to God's love for the world in Jesus Christ.

  • As an inclusive family of Christians, the Presbytery depends on the Risen Christ and the fellowship of its members in an atmosphere of compassion and trust for its energy and imagination.

  • Our Presbytery conducts its mission within the connectional polity of the PCUSA and the theology of the Reformed tradition.

1.2 Vision Statement (what we are called to be)

On the threshold of a new day, the Presbytery of plains and Peaks is called to be compassionate, supportive, respectful, and inclusive family of congregations that is:

  • united through and faithful to Jesus Christ,

  • informed and directed by the witness of Scripture,

  • called into and connected through the Reformed theology and polity of PCUSA,

  • dedicated to missional outreach to the community, local to global, and

  • challenged and committed in our stewardship for all of God's creation.

1.3 Mission Statement (what we are called to do)

God calls us to work in our communities for new generations by participating in the work of the Holy Spirit as we commit to:

  • Partner together in mission

  • Equip leaders for ministry and mission

  • Create and revitalize congregations for mission.

1.3.1 Mission Commitments (how we respond)

To realize our mission priorities as a family of congregation, God requires that we:

  • Pray for and encourage one another in our mission efforts.

  • Develop new, community-centered models of mission and mission efforts.

  • Conduct regular and appropriate assessment and evaluation to identify and build upon existing strengths.

  • Facilitate necessary programs and opportunities for leadership development and spiritual growth.

  • Exercise faithful stewardship of resources and facilities.

  • Conduct all activities consistent with the Constitution of PCUSA.