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The Art of Transitional Ministry

Are you feeling the Spirit tug you in a new direction? Have you noticed the dynamic shift in worship in communities of faith? Did Covid turn people of faith upside down and shake them 'til their teeth rattled? Have we reached the day when we are all in transition all the time? Is change a four-letter-word?

Let's talk about Transitional Ministry. This is a specialized form of ministry that requires training, wisdom, resilience, patience, courage, and hope. When a community of faith enters a time of transition, they need steady guide to lead them through terrain that is unfamiliar and often unsettling. They need permission to cherish their past and encouragement to dream a new future. They need all the help they can get to move from "where we've been" to "where we're going now." In short, they need an expert in transition, and it may be that the Spirit is calling you to be that person.

Join us for Week 1 of the ART OF TRANSITIONAL MINISTRY at Highlands September 8-13, 2024. Fee is $900 per participant, which includes a room in the Retreat Center, meals, and curriculum.

Our faculty will be Rev. Jessica Dixon, Rev. Dr. Brady Radford, and Rev. Gretchen Sausville.

Email Bobbi to register (watch for online registration possibilities as it's a work in progress).