Retirement of the Reverend Stan Adamson

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church will be having a retirement celebration open house to honor the ministry of the Reverend Stan Adamson on Saturday, September 27, 2014 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church - 3700 Baseline Rd. in Boulder. Stan has requested no gifts. However, the church is collecting funds for his retirement celebration and a financial gift to honor his 27 years of ministry to our congregation and the community. Monetary gifts may be sent to the church. Include "Stan's Retirement" in the memo field. Please let the church know if you will be attending by Saturday, September 6th.  You will find their phone number under the "Churches in the Presbytery" tab on the left hand side of your screen.

You are also invited to attend Stan's last worship service on Sunday, September 28th at 10:30 a.m. followed by a reception.

Reaching and Teaching the Whole Church

When - Saturday, October 4

Time - 9:00 - 3:00

Where - Valmont Community Presbyterian Church

This workshop will focus on congregational life as formative for all who participate. We will draw on the experience of workshop participants in their own communities of faith to identify where education is already happening in their congregations, and how they can attend to and shape those experiences in ways to enhance their educational impact. By leveraging the seasonal and life cycle events in the life of the congregation, educators can encourage movement into the deeper currents of Christian life while helping the tradition become relevant and significant for members. We will focus particularly on education in smaller church settings, the significance of developing intergenerational connections, and finding ways to do Christian education with persons who would never set foot in a Sunday school classroom, particularly a younger generation of adults.

For - As part of the continuing education program offered by the Commissioned Ruling Elder Subcommittee, the day is open to Commissioned Ruling Elders and Learners, their Mentors, and all those interested in joining the program. Pastors, please plan to come, and bring along interested officers and church educators.

For more information, the brochure and registration form can be found under the Educational Events tab.

International Peacemaker, Rev. Tseganesh Ayele Asele will be in the Presbytery October 4-7, 2014

Rev. Tseganesh Ayele Asele is an EECMY ordained minister. She is married and has two children. Her area of study is theology and leadership with a special emphasis on conflict resolution and peacemaking. She has also invested her time in Gender and Diversity studies. As the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) Director for the Women's Department She has taken special training in the roles of women and peacemaking and has emphasized this by conducting courses and workshops in many of the EECMY Synods on the topic of Women and Peacemaking.

We are looking for host churches for Rev. Tseganesh Ayele Asele be the preacher; or speaker. Contact the Presbytery office for contact information.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
The PDA number for the "Refugee Emergency - Border Crisis" is DR000095.

2014 General Assembly Actions
The 221st General Assembly took several actions regarding marriage and divestment.  You may have seen press reports, but the press doesn't always understand our polity so please see the links to documents to clarify the actions and what they mean.  The Assembly expressed no jubilation in these actions and was respectful of those who may be adversely affected by these decisions.  While the Authoritative Interpretations approved by the Assembly took affect on June 21, 2014, the change in the definition of marriage is a change to the Book of Order and will be sent to the presbyteries for concurrence.  A majority of presbyteries must vote in the affirmative for the change to take effect.  Please note that even though the AI permits teaching elders to perform same-gender marriages in states where it is legal - it is NOT legal in Colorado or Nebraska.

2014 Western National Leadership Training Event
This year the 2014 WNLT event will be held September 29 - October 1.  The theme for this year is "Grieving Loss, Embracing Hope".  The plenary speaker will be the Reverend Dr. Ken McFayden.  A brochure is available under the Educational Events tab.  You may also visit www.synodrm.org to register online or to see the brochure.

Available Resources
The Presbytery has received a copy of the "2014 Church and Clergy Tax Guide for 2013 Tax Return Preparation and 2014 Year-Round Use".  If you would like to see this copy or borrow it, please contact the Presbytery office.

There are also several CD's that pertain to tax related issues.  If you would like to see these CD's or borrow one or more of them, please contact the Presbytery office.

The Presbytery also has the monthly "newsletters" for "Church Finance Today" and "Church Law & Tax Report".  These are available for churches to look over as needed.

2014 Presbytery Meetings
- October 24-25 at Westview Presbyterian Church in Longmont, Colorado

Flood Cleanup Coordination

The Presbytery has enlisted Nancy Hurianek to coordinate between groups wanting to help with the flood cleanup and those requesting help. Nancy is a member of Westview, Longmont and has been very active in PDA, leading PDA mission trips the last several years for our Presbytery. If you know of a group or individual willing to help, please send an email to Nancy at nhuri@msn.com

Getting to the Presbytery Mission Center
The Presbytery Mission Center is located at 7257 West 4th Street, Unit 4 in west Greeley.  It houses the presbytery offices, resource center, and conference room.

From the WEST: Take US 34 east from I-25. Exit at US 34 Business Route (10th Street). Proceed east on 10th Street to 71st Avenue.  Turn left (north) on 71st Avenue to 4th Street.  Turn left (west) on 4th 
From the EAST: Take US 34 west from US 85 to 71st Ave. Turn right (north) on 71st Avenue approximately 2.5 miles to 4th Street.  Turn left (west) on 
4th Street.  Office is on north side of 4th Street, approxStreet.  Office is on north side of 4th Street, approximately 200 yards from intersection.

From the NORTH: From US 85, turn right (west) on Colorado 14 at Ault. Proceed to WCR 31. Turn left (south) on WCR 31. Continue approximately 8 miles to 4th Street in Greeley.  Turn right (west) on 4th Street, approximately 1.2 miles.  Office is on north side of 4th Street, approximately 200 yards from intersection.imately 200 yards from intersection.